Saturday, 3 December 2016

Winter Project Link Party - December

It is time for the December Winter Project Link Party, hosted by Jennifer. It is a monthly highlight for me and I have been looking forward to this day. My crafting is quite limited at the moment, mostly because there is no space in the house (I am counting the days). Last weekend I went to the Stitchery for Sunday sewing. It is just so nice to see old friends, to sew and to chat.

I was working on Sam's quilt. I showed you the quilt top last time, today I am showing you the quilt's back. I was determined to use up as much of the fabric I had left after finishing the quilt top and I decided to make a stripy stripe across the narrower length of the back. It looks a bit like a colourful road crossing a grey landscape. I can't remember the exact dimensions of the stripes at the top of my head. Sewing the back was most enjoyable, I just love playing with colours. I didn't plan the order of the fabrics, just closed my eyes and picked another pre-cut piece. The background fabric is a grey flat sheet from Ikea. You cannae beat Ikea for good value solid coloured 'quilt' fabric! Their flat sheets come in many colours but I wanted a grey one to make the colours of the top stand out.

Both top and back have been washed and are waiting to be pressed. I have ordered batting and grey hand quilting thread. The dog chewed up the spool I had. Jack has also chewed up my second last pair of reading glasses. I swear he has a preference for my glasses. He finds them when nobody else can and he is able to destroy a pair in a minute flat. I should probably put a few on my Christmas wishlist!

I'll have to be patient now, there is just no floor space to sandwich all together.

In the meantime, I have washed and pressed all of Annie's quilt fabric. She has decided on equilateral triangles with seven inch sides. I splashed out on a triangle template to make cutting easier. I find that accurate cutting makes assembly easier and neater. I have already practised piecing a few triangles using some scrap fabric, it seems fairly straightforward.

Have you got a project you are working on? Be sure to link up with Jennifer if you have. It is inspirational to see so many talented crafters showcasing their work.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday. xx