Monday, 24 October 2016

October break in Turkey

I promised you some holiday highlights. Here they are! Aren't the colours fabulous? We stayed in a lovely apartment in Calis Beach near Fethyie in Southern Turkey. The apartment is my auntie's and she rents it out in case you fancy a visit (just let me know). It is a lovely place with a swimming pool and it is about 200 metres to the beach if that's more your thing. A small bus stops right outside if you feel like exploring the surrounding towns.

We had a great time. When I say we, I mean Richard, myself, the little boys. Annie was a bit bored sometimes but also had some really good moments. I am not sure about Sam. He didn't complain but also didn't enthusiastically participate. The WiFi was s**t he said (it worked fine for me). Previously a water lover, he didn't once cool off in the pool. I am sure next year Sam will choose to stay behind. Sad but I guess this is life. We suggested to Annie she bring a friend along next time we go away, an idea she liked very much.

We didn't really do much, just relaxed, enjoyed the heartwarming Turkish hospitality, went for short walks, enjoyed meals, visited a market and rented a boat one day to explore the coastline. This was the highlight for us all I think. It was also really lovely to spend time with my auntie, cousin and the Swiss contingent of nephews and niece. James and Alistair really loved spending time with the cousins and the language barrier didn't really matter at all.

My personal highlights:

:: Floating in the sea and listening to the sounds underwater whilst a gentle breeze stroked my toes.

:: Waking up to a sunny morning every day.

:: Quenching my thirst with ayran (a Turkish yogurt drink I love love love)

:: Hearing the cicadas at night.

:: Watching the full moon crossing the sky from my bedroom balcony

:: Visiting local eateries a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the holiday resort and encouraging the kids to try new foods (with mixed success). Richard enjoyed fried sheep intestines and sheep head. I didn't.

:: Visiting the food market and choosing quinces to take home (to make up for the lost quince tree)

:: Watching James and Alistair having a ball in the pool

:: Going shopping with my auntie. I particularly liked the haberdashery shop, it was like a big walk-in treasure chest!

I dare say we'll go back one day. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the beauty of Scotland. There is plenty to explore still here. xx